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As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, certified in Functional Nutrition Coaching, Culinary Nutrition and a Mind Body Eating Coach, I look at the whole picture of you.

I offer various levels of services depending on your needs and lifestyle and have a special interest in mental health and mood. 

Check out my new program called The Food &  Mood Mindset Method below.

Consultations are strictly offered via phone or online video chat.

I would definitely recommend working with Tracy, as it was an excellent experience. I was desperately trying to lose weight for more than three years; I tried different methods and diets but nothing actually worked. I met Tracy in a workshop and I was so impressed about her passion about nutrition so I decided to give her a call to discuss my goals. She advised me to try her weekly meal plans – which I did for 10 weeks; the menus were full of amazing recipes that are delicious and very easy to follow. Not only did I get the meal plans, I also got to check in with Tracy every week for an hour to work on the psychological connection where she tried to dig deep to find out the reason behind my food disorder and cravings that made me gain those extra pounds. The psychological connection was an amazing exercise, it encouraged me to think about myself and discover new ways to de-stress without thinking of food. She coached me and taught me how to love food to nourish my body and how to listen to my body. I started losing weight and I feel great, I didn’t starve myself and I stopped calculating every calorie I eat. She taught me to think about the quality more than the quantity and she gave me all I need to continue my journey and reach my goal.


Oakville, ON

A friend insisted that I contact a nutritionist; I had a healthy dose of pessimism, but I also figured that I had nothing to lose. After meeting Tracy and following her plan to the T, I believe her to be a demi-god. It only took about 2 weeks to get comfortable with the plan that Tracy prepared for me, but right from the beginning the protocols cleansed my system and allowed me to eat full delicious meals, with pleasure and gusto. No more fear and best of all, no more painful symptoms. In fact, I have never felt better; I sleep better than ever, I have energy, I am less moody, I stabilized my weight, I have avoided getting sick during cold season (and I work with kids), everything tastes better and I am back to enjoying all my favourite activities.


Tracy is always just a call or message away and willing to answer any questions I have as I venture out on my own with food choices. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for her support and knowledge. Who knew that the simple act of contacting a nutritionist could be so life changing?

If you are contemplating this option, I say DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!!


Montreal, QC

Speaking and Writing Engagements

I am available for wellness workshops and keynote speeches and I’m always interested in writing wellness articles. Please contact me for more information.

About a year ago, I was connected to Tracy Houle via my naturopath. My main reason for connecting was to help with my digestion. I had a feeling that something wasn’t right but I just assumed that everyone’s digestion times were different. Still, I was curious to see what she would say. So we began with quite a lengthy questionnaire all about me and my lifestyle. That in itself helped put a few things into perspective. After that, we had a few meetings at the office and then one at a grocery store. I also logged my eating habits for approximately 12-14 days. I must note that I have done the ‘food diary’ with personal trainers before, but it did not help me — they simply adjusted my entire eating habits to a standard routine that they used, and I found myself struggling to eat the same bland things everyday. With Tracy, I got a personalized approach. Plus, I was able to understand that a) there is sugar in everything b) the importance of eating organic and c) probiotics will go a long way for me. Overall, I can say that I see an improvement in what I grab to eat and snack on. Tracy is always a phone call or email away, guiding me when I have questions. I couldn’t have asked to be paired with a more compassionate, hard-working and knowledgeable individual.


Oakville, ON

The moment we met Tracy our lives were forever changed! Her dedication and passion for a healthier lifestyle and healthy living is inspiring. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and her meal plans are individualized, easy-to-follow, and most importantly, delicious! She truly takes the time to get to know her patients and supports them to achieve their goals. Tracy gives us hope for a better future, provides a path to follow, and acts as a guide along the journey. Thank you for always going above and beyond!


Mississauga, ON

Working with Tracy has been wonderful! She is an excellent listener, who is very knowledgeable and provides advice based on your specific needs. She has helped me understand how to achieve and now maintain the healthier lifestyle that I wanted for my family and myself. 


Oakville, ON

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