Welcome to the blog: Meet Tracy!

Welcome to the debut blog post here at TracyHoule.com! In case you haven’t already guessed, my name is Tracy and it is really great to meet you! To be perfectly honest, I’m far more comfortable in my kitchen working with recipes than I am being front and center online, but I’m pushing all of that to one side in order to launch this website and brand. And I could not be more excited!

Before we really dive into nutrition, culinary tips and all things food, I wanted to take a moment to properly introduce myself. So here’s a little more about me…

I’m a mom of three, a wife to one and am crazy about all four! I love going to bed early and waking up at 6:00AM with the sun and a warm cup of organic coffee – yes, I drink coffee. I also love being alone with a book, my thoughts and the sights and sounds of nature.

My favourite colour is yellow, my guilty pleasure is chocolate (any kind of chocolate from mint to spicy) and I get really into superhero movies. I say it’s for my kids, but really it’s for me. I mean, come on – who doesn’t love a hunk in a pair of tights with long blond flowing hair and a mallet? And in case you’re wondering, even though sometimes it is just about the eye candy, I would date Ironman in a heartbeat. Anyway…

While I don’t believe that food is the answer to everything, I do believe that it is the foundation from which to build health and I truly love being a nutritionist. Working with people about their health and food habits is a great privilege, even more so when I am trusted to come in and change up their routine and go-to ingredients in an effort to help change their health. That alone is no small thing and I have so much gratitude for each person who allows me this opportunity.

I am very passionate about food to say the least and can’t wait to help you start, continue or resume your journey toward a healthy, happy and authentically lived life. Stay tuned for all sorts of recipes, food secrets, and more! I cannot wait to get started!

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