This is not a diet –
it’s a lifestyle

Tracy is a knowledgeable, professional holistic nutritionist who puts in a lot of hours and details in her meal planning and body and mind connection. Her commitment and attention to your success is her number one concern. Her gentle approach and professional guidance and support keeps you on track. She spends a lot of time guiding and supporting her clients throughout the whole process. Her plans are very clear and easy to follow. She also personalizes the plan to meet the individual needs and follows up regularly. I’ve tried so many diets before that either didn’t work or didn’t last! This is not diet it’s a lifestyle.
I highly recommend her and all her services.

~ Maryse

Mind Body Eating
Transformation Program

Welcome to the Mind Body Eating Transformation Program!

Are you tired of dieting and hearing the same old messages about food and nutrition?

Are you tired of the inner struggle around body image and weight?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to finally have a healthy relationship with food – living a truly nourished and fulfilling life?

It’s time for a new conversation around food.

My program teaches you some of the most powerful tools and techniques from the new approaches of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that can help you create the change you need most.

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Nutrition and Mind Body Eating Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert and in this program, I combine the best of nutritional science with eating psychology so that you can learn about foods that improve health as well as do the mind body work that is so important when improving your relationship with food.

This will be an inspiring time together where you’ll discover
the nutritionist within, and learn to nourish your body in a whole new way.


  • Tools for working with emotional eating
  • Simple strategies for natural appetite regulation
  • Hidden contributors to weight gain
  • Mind Body Nutrition techniques that fuel digestion
  • The nutritional power of pleasure
  • The unseen connection between metabolism and emotion
  • Regulating mood with macronutrient balance
  • How the physiologic relaxation response promotes calorie burning
  • Letting go of dieting, saying hello to eating
  • Powerful strategies for a positive body image
  • Easy-to-practice tools for binge eating
  • Timeless wisdom teachings for healing your relationship with food
  • And over 50 recipes to keep and experiment with during the program


  • An intake assessment so we can plan out your goals
  • Weekly nutrition lessons
  • Weekly mind body concepts from the field of dynamic eating psychology
  • Weekly recipes
  • On going one-on-one coaching calls with me
  • BONUS Kitchen Clean Out Cheat Sheet
  • BONUS Label Reading 101 to help you navigate the grocery store better
  • You will learn the tools for transformation around your relationship with food that can carry you throughout the rest of your life!

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