Toronto nutritionist: In-home cooking services to make your life easier!

Guys, I am so excited about my newest service – an in-home cook with meal planning by a nutritionist, aka me!

Imagine it for a moment; you do none of the thinking or executing. Just let me know your goals, your tastes and I’ll tailor a program for you, send an experienced cook to your kitchen to prepare all the fresh ingredients and leave it labeled and ready to go in your refrigerator. Your kitchen will be left spotless too!

If you are a busy mom, a busy executive, or totally hate cooking but love eating well, then this is the service for you!

This service began on a dark 4:00 am sleepless night that turned into morning – on my couch. I was in nutrition school and slammed with a hectic schedule that included 3 kids, a household to run and the determination to do really well in school. And for me, I was horrified that I knew all this amazing science about what to eat but didn’t have time to execute the food prep.

I tried almost every food prep company out there to have organic meals delivered to my door, but – the meals were either not enough or someone didn’t like the ingredients, or they were not organic or they were packaged in plastic! After this failed attempt at healthy meal delivery services I started to Google in- home cooks and came up with nothing! I found a lot of ads for in-home chef and sadly, this was too expensive and a little out of my league.

I just wanted someone to come in and cook the amazing ingredients I knew would keep my family and me thriving – and like that – I thought with today’s food movement well underway – the world needs this service to exist.

So I decided to create my own in-home cooking service to help my own family as well as yours! This service is delivered with three package options to perfectly suit your needs and budget.

Check out my services page on my website for more information on the 3 packages I offer! I can’t wait for you to try this – this truly is a game changer and makes eating well at home a breeze!

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