Toronto nutritionist: Delightfully fun facts about dandelion and why you should eat it

Oh dandelion, dandelion, how I love this weed! Despite the fact that tons of herbicides are designed to destroy it, the dandelion’s resilience always shows when it grows back and is hard to keep at bay. This is why this is one of nature’s top healing foods.

It’s amazing to think about how much of this plant grows for free and is just walked right over. If only more people knew how dandelion can improve our health.

The medicinal benefits of dandelion come with the roots, leaves and flowers. The flower contains flavonoids and coumaric acid that can lower blood pressure. The leaves help remove toxins from the body. The roots are rich in choline, which is an important B vitamin for heart health. It’s basically all good for you! Here’s how!


Dandelion is rich in antioxidants including vitamins C and E that help to fight infections and speed up wound healing. Two cups of dandelion tea provide well over your daily requirements of vitamin A – which promotes healthy skin. Because it’s a bitter herb, it is used for fighting candida and will keep it balanced and prevent overgrowth.


Dandelion supports our liver with detoxification because it causes our body to create glutathione, which is an extremely important antioxidant and is a critical regulator of cellular health. It is absolutely essential for maintaining balance in our cells.

Glutathione functions as a detoxifying agent required for the elimination of environmental toxins including fungicides, herbicides, nitrosamines, dyes, solvents, plastics, detergents, and insecticides. Glutathione is also important for repair of our DNA, and to neutralized free radicals that can damage our cells.


Dandelion also contains inulin, which lowers blood sugar in diabetics and stimulates the production of insulin from the pancreas to keep blood sugar levels balanced. And because it’s a diuretic it helps to remove extra fat that’s stored in the body that can help fight diabetes naturally.


Dandelion Tea
The easiest way to get the nutritional benefits of dandelion – other than buying it in supplement form – is to drink the tea. Making this a daily ritual will create long-lasting benefits and maybe swap out one daily coffee for the popular coffee alternative Dandy Blend might just be that healing miracle we’re all looking for! Fresh or dried, all parts of the plant can be brewed into a freshening tea.

Make a pesto with the leaves
Use the leaves on their own or combine with nettles and blend in a food processor with garlic, pine nuts, and olive oil.

Add to salads and stir-fries
Add the yellow flower petals to salads or pickle the flower heads in vinegar to preserve their nutritional benefits.

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