Healthy eating: 3 quick tips to start eating better today

One of the most frequent comments I hear as a nutritionist is, “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” And believe me, I get it. We’re all so busy these days between work, the kids, having a social life, chores etc. It’s easy to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle healthy eating too. So today I’m sharing my three top tips to help you start eating better today with minimal effort.

1. Eat the rainbow and embrace dietary diversity
Getting in a diverse range of colourful foods will supply all the nutrients we need. What did your breakfast look like today? Was it beige? Was it cereal with milk or toast? Consider making a quick and easy green smoothie and for fast food, soft boil some free range eggs and get that pop of colour your body needs. The basic healthy eating tip – make your meals colourful (literally) and you’ll instantly diversify your nutrient intake.

2. Choose organic when possible
Organic food is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming practices. It is better for our soil, air, water quality and overall health. It is said that with organic it’s not just about what you’re getting from it that’s important, it’s what you’re not getting too, such as glyphosate —
just one cancer causing chemical. Modern agricultural practices have lead to the depletion of vitamins and minerals in our soil causing our food composition to be depleted of essential vitamins and minerals losing its protective quality. The basic healthy eating tip – shop in the organic aisle at your grocery store. You’re already in the grocery store after all, so there’s no extra effort required.

3. Keep a few key healthy staples in your fridge at all times
Food is the foundation of all health. It is the buffer against stress, low immunity, chronic illness and a toxic environment. Keep the following medicinal foods in your “medicine” cabinet/fridge for protective power will help you take the first steps toward regular healthy eating:

  • Ginger is known for helping an upset stomach
  • Honey soothes coughs and a sore throat
  • Garlic goes straight to the lungs and can help with asthma and respiratory problems
  • Sesame seeds improve skin conditions and are very high in calcium (beating out dairy), which is necessary for healthy bones
  • Nuts are great for lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol

The basic healthy eating tip — make these few food choices staples in your kitchen and reap the health benefits!

Making teeny tiny changes here and there in your food habits, like these three healthy eating tips, can help you eat better starting today!

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