Workshop: Supercharging YOU!


On Saturday November 10th, join Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant Tracy Houle and Fitness Expert and owner of Body By You, Tamara Vahn to find out how to SUPERCHARGE YOU!  We want to help you take control, feel confident and enjoy the last part of 2018. 

Believe it or not the festive season is upon us.  For many of us that means holiday parties, extra holiday events for the kids, extended trips shopping for gifts, party planning, visiting family we love and maybe visiting people or places that make us stressed. It’s no wonder this time of year can bring on stress both mentally and physically.



We will be talking food and fitness to keep you energized and on track this holiday season, plus taste some amazing fat bombs, and get some helpful recipes!

Who wouldn’t love less stress, more time, more energy, bolder confidence and happier moods?


Well, that’s exactly what you can expect implementing the strategies that we’ll be covering in this 2 hour workshop.



  • Tips to navigate the grocery store
  • Meal planning tools
  • Simple food strategies to stay balanced
  • Answers to “Will exercising really give me more energy?”
  • Exercises that will raise your spirits – some of which you can do when you’re meal prepping!
  • Key stretches to release tension from all that cooking, cleaning and shopping.

Bottom line, this workshop is all about giving you tricks, tastings, takeaways and maybe a little Instant Pot “How To” to make your life EASIER!

Date: Saturday November 10

Time: 10am – 12pm

Location: Oakville Futsal Club, 1370 Wallace Rd. Unit 5, Oakville

Parking: Free on location





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