Functional Nutrition Program


Working with a functional nutritionist is more than simply being given a list of awesome foods to eat. I work closely with you to discuss your history, lifestyle habits, health related conditions and eating preferences in order to create a completely custom plan to help you achieve your health goals.

This program is for you if you suffer with hormonal imbalance, inflammation, digestive upset, food allergies, or any symptoms that are hindering your life and holding you back, and you want to get to the ROOT CAUSE once and for all.

Each of us is unique and have our own genetic make-up, health history, lifestyle and emotional behaviour, which is why it’s important to have a more customized approach to sustain lifelong health!


What You Can Expect During My Functional Nutrition Program


Appointment #1: Assessment – 3 hours

This appointment involves an extensive intake that takes about 2 – 3 hours. This time together entails a complete health history intake by me covering any family health history, extensive symptom analysis of over 200 possible symptoms, diet and lifestyle assessment, and an eating habit interview.

Next Step: Program Development

Once I have completed the assessment, I will analyze all of the information I’ve gathered and take about 2 weeks to create a personalized and easy to follow program that will be emailed to you in PDF format.

This document will include:

  • Dietary recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Comprehensive meal plan including therapeutic foods
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Supplement recommendations (if applicable)


Appointment #2: Program Implementation – 2 hours

During this appointment, I will review with you my program implementation guide that is in PDF format. It’s an easy to follow document with straightforward steps to help you reach optimal health.


Appointment #3:  Follow-up – 60 minutes

This time allows us to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments, if needed. For your convenience, we can have 4-15 minute, 2-30 minute, or 1-60 minute meeting. The time can be used however it fits into your schedule.




Once this program is complete – you are not alone! You have ongoing email access for as long as you need. Send me a message anytime about your questions relating to your personalized program. I am someone who wants to see you succeed, and who will keep encouraging you to go for your dreams of health and will be a support on-going.

Book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation today and let’s talk about how this program can change your health and wellbeing for life.

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