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Eating healthy may seem complicated, but it’s actually one of the simplest endeavors we can take on. To quote one of my favourite authors, Michael Pollen: “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.”

Follow my blog to learn about the protective power of whole and medicinal foods, as well as how to plan meals and cook amazing recipes – and, of course, have fun!

Healthy Fats vs Dangerous Fats And How Much Should You Consume?

Are you unsure about how much fat you should be eating daily for general health? Ever heard conflicting information on the healthfulness of different fats? Olive oil; coconut oil; soybean oil; etc.? Well, I have some clarifying information in my newest post. In this post, I list out my favourite cooking fats. I also give you my full permission to ditch a few of the popular but oh-so unhealthy fats. And, I give you a healthy recipe for an all too common source of cruddy fats. You can make it a health-booster, rather than buster!

Protein – How Much is Enough?

Most nutrition and health practitioners agree that protein is critical for health. Protein is essential for muscles, bones, organs, enzymes, hormones, etc. So how much do you need to eat? In today’s post, I talk about protein recommendations and list the amount of protein in many common foods. Then I have a fantastic recipe for tonight’s dinner. Enjoy!

Water – How Much Do I Really Need to Drink?

We all know we need to drink “enough” water… But how much is “enough?” And what non-water options count toward my daily intake? Let me tell you that the amounts often suggested as optimal might not apply to you; this is because everyone is different. #surprise In this week’s post, I’m sharing with you the signs and signals your body uses to communicate how much water it needs. I also have a list of non-water drinks and foods (yes foods!) that count toward your daily water intake.

Loving Your Body, Even if it’s NOT the Body You Want Summit!

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